How Is Gourmet Microgreenz
Different From Other Growers?

We grow our microgreens locally so that we can serve the restaurants, food distributors, grocery stores, and vegan communities in the Tampa Bay area with fresh and healthy product.

If you look at the so-called “fresh” microgreens at other whole or sprout food stores, most of their products are grown in California, Washington, and Oregon; therefore, your food travels at least 3,000 miles and several days before it gets to their shelves and then to your plate.  It’s proven that the longer food is stored, the more nutrients vanish.

Since we grow indoors and in a fully controlled and self-sustainable environment, we can ensure a fresh, clean, and healthy product for our customers all year round.  In most cases, we deliver our microgreen plants live (without harvesting) to restaurants the day they are at their peak flavor and nutrition.

We call it “from Plant to Plate to Palate.”

100% Pure

Our microgreens are grown 100% pure.  The ingredients are simple—seeds, water and light. Nature got it right, so we follow nature’s plan.

Gourmet Microgreenz is committed to the production of safe, high-quality plants.  We subscribe to the principle that the appropriate method to accomplish this is to minimize the microbial, chemical, and physical contamination of produce during the entire production process.

We only use untreated, organically grown seeds that are provided by companies certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  This means the seeds are not GMOs, and their growing process does not use any antibiotics, pesticides, or artificial hormones.

Single-use coconut coir fiber is used as our growing medium, which is the standard substrate for hydroponic growing and horticulture.

We do NOT use any fertilizers.  All the plant’s nutritional value for the first 20 days of growth is contained in the seedlings.  Again, nature got it right!

Our equipment, tools, and supplies used to wash, sanitize, grow and deliver our microgreens are food-safe and food-grade.