Microgreen Secrets for Seasoned chefs

Why do Gourmet Restaurants hire an experienced Master Chef?

Because a gourmet chef is the key to the restaurant’s success or failure!

YOU determine the fare and its ingredients.

YOU are steering the ship.

Where YOU go, the restaurant goes.

What are Your Talents?

Truth be told, you are an artist and the successful and exceptional chefs see themselves as artists…as creators, inventors, painters or sculptors.

The plate is your canvas.

The equipment—your palette.

The ingredients—your paints.

The presentation—your brush.

You are the expert in cooking and food preparation. You’ve acquired a lot of experience, schooling, worked under excellent mentors and spent a lot of time developing your craft.

How do you put all this Talent to work at the Highest Level?

Like baseball, creating an amazing meal is “a game of inches.”

You’ve got to pack the most distinctive taste and flair on a small plate.

You must stimulate the customer’s appetite and deliver an eye-catching, delicious and memorable dish.

You must appeal to your customer’s senses of sight, smell, taste and touch.  It's got to be a sensory experience.

That’s the difference between someone who can cook and someone who is a gourmet chef.  You are interested in delivering an eating experience; not just a meal.

Locally Grown Microgreens: A Solution

Aside from being super nutritious, microgreens pack a wallop of flavor.  Since we at Gourmet Microgreenz grow them naturally and deliver them to you at the peak of their flavor, these small vegetables and herbs burst with a taste that will knock your customer’s socks off.

Chef in hotel or restaurant kitchen preparing meal vegetable salad with goat cheese and decorates the food with her hands.

Flavor and Aesthetic

Microgreens deliver a myriad of flavors, which can be described as nutty, spicy, bold, pungent, mild or strong.

Their many tastes will most certainly bring out the flavors of the main course more prominently.

Their variegated colors are amazing, from the charming red and magenta hues of Amaranth to the deep purples of Rambo radish leaves and Kohlrabi stems.  There is a lot of truth in the saying, “People eat with their eyes first.”

Their shapes can be leafy, flowery, shooting, sprouting, tall, or petite. Since chefs are always changing up their menus, microgreens are very flexible and adaptable and can complement almost any dish.

They are no longer viewed simply as a garnish, but as a food that can be eaten on its own merits.